Regional Cancer Center ~ Erie, PA


The Regional Cancer Center invites you to become a volunteer, working directly with patients, their families, and staff. A personal touch and extra attention has a positive impact on visitors.

Activities of The RCC volunteers include:

  • Greeting and visiting with patients and families
  • Helping visitors to find their way through the center
  • Helping with Wellness for Life Programs (clinics, events, programs)
  • Helping patients and families to RCC amenities such as refreshments, reading materials and other comfort items
  • Maintaining coffee and tea stations
  • Monitoring patient waiting rooms and magazine racks
  • Assisting staff with select meetings and events
  • Assisting with clerical activities

For more information, please contact:
Volunteer Coordinator
The Regional Cancer Center
2500 West 12th Street
Erie, PA 16505
(814) 838-9000 or (800) 477-6647

RCC Volunteer Application Process

Interested persons are invited to submit an application to the volunteer coordinator at any time and will be contacted when new volunteer groups are being coordinated.

Those interested in volunteering at The RCC are required to:

  • Complete an application which includes two references
  • Participate in an interview
  • Authorize a criminal background check
  • Complete the orientation process
  • Complete training /shadowing

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