Regional Cancer Center ~ Erie, PA

“I just felt that I wanted to give back. I enjoy it.”

Volunteer - Ginger Loader

“I just felt that I wanted to give back. I enjoy it.”

In 1987, the volunteer program was still three years away at the newly opened Regional Cancer Center, where Ginger Loader, now 77, was receiving chemotherapy for breast cancer. So there was no one to offer her a snack, some coffee, a piece of fruit, or a sympathetic ear. Today, she is one of several volunteers who do just that for patients.

“It was so long ago; today it’s a whole different place,” said Loader, an Erie homemaker. “Back then, I had to pick up my medication (for chemotherapy) at the hospital, because there was no pharmacy yet (at the RCC), so I would pick it up and carry it with me to treatments.”

After six months of treatment, Loader’s cancer was cured, and several years later in 2000, (“when I was done taking care of my grandchildren,” she said), she became an RCC volunteer. “I just felt that I wanted to give back,” she said. “I enjoy it.”

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