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The Dietician Helped Me

Doug, Rectal Cancer Survivor

Karen, the dietician, helped me out a lot because I had a digestive type cancer, and many foods weren’t sitting well.

Facing cancer can be challenging, both physically and emotionally. To help patients and families meet these challenges, Regional Cancer Center staff can connect patients to various community and national oncology resource organizations. In addition to those connected services, RCC offers a full range of services addressing the medical, emotional, psychological and spiritual needs that may arise. In addition to an on-site laboratory, the services offered include pharmacy, radiology, social work, supportive/palliative care, financial counselor and dietitian.

RCC Support Services Include:

  • Financial Counselor
  • Social Workers
  • Supportive/Palliative Care
  • Survivorship Navigator/Wellness for Life
  • Oncology Resources

Financial Counselor

Donna McNeish

Donna McNeish

Insurance plans differ greatly from person to person, and reimbursement rates for primary, secondary and supplemental coverage can complicate insurance matters even more. RCC financial counselor can help verify coverage and assess how insurance and other resources apply to services received. When a balance is anticipated, special payment plans can be arranged.

Regional Cancer Center does not turn away patients because they are unable to pay. We have a financial assistance / community care policy to assist those in need. Inquiries for assistance are facilitated by the financial counselor.

Get to know Donna.

Social Workers

Ann Marie Cronk

Ann Marie Cronk

Maryann Frontino

Maryann Frontino

For non-medical problems or concerns that arise as the result of a cancer diagnosis or treatment, the expertise of RCC social workers is available to patients and families. The social workers can assist with transportation issues and financial needs, refer individuals to community agencies or home health organizations, and suggest support groups and educational resources.

Get to know Ann Marie.
Get to know Maryann.

Supportive/Palliative Care

Julie Cole

Julie Cole

The Palliative Care Nurse assists patients with life-threatening illnesses, advanced chronic conditions, or those having difficulty managing symptoms. Regular assessments help or prevent problems before they become major issues, and education, counseling and other support is offered. Patients are referred to Sherri or Julie by their physician, other care providers, or simply asking to meet with them.

Get to know Julie.

Oncology Resources

Many people and organizations are ready and willing to help you face your diagnosis and related challenges. RCC support staff are also available to provide a list of groups and available class times to our patients and their caregivers. Additionally, they are also available to help with a variety of other community and financial resources for patients and their families. Please schedule an appointment or ask to speak to a social worker today.

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