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What To Expect From Your Cancer Diagnosis

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On Support and Hope

Jennifer, Hodgkin's Lymphoma Survivor

When I come in everyone knows my name, knows who I am, knows my son and always asks me how he's doing and how my family is. My treatments have been difficult at times, and they always know when I need a pick me up. They've always focused on the future rather than the past. There is never any negativity and no lack of hope.

Each person is unique so it is difficult to tell you exactly what to expect.

Feel free to ask us any questions that come to mind.

We recognize that your reaction to your diagnosis is as unique as you are. You are not alone in this experience.

Ask for help in whatever way you need.

It is normal to feel overwhelmed, especially at first. It is normal to feel a variety of emotions.

Give yourself time to adjust.

We encourage you to bring someone with you to your appointments.

A second set of ears and someone to take notes on what is discussed can be very helpful.

It is normal to have fears and some misconceptions about cancer. Talk about these fears with your treatment team.

Understanding the treatment process is the best help there is to overcoming any fears and concerns you may have.

Each person is unique and, it is difficult to tell you exactly what to expect or how treatment will affect your daily life.

In most cases, you can live a normal life and function normally.

There are many different kinds of cancer and many different approaches to treating them.

Your treatment plan will be designed especially for you using the knowledge and experience of our physician team along with the resources and information available through UPMC Cancer Centers.

Treatment often involves combining methods such as chemotherapy, biotherapy, and radiation therapy.

Our doctors work together to coordinate your treatments for maximum benefit.

You may wonder how treatment will affect your lifestyle. This varies.

Some people come in, receive treatment and go back to work the same day. For others, some discomfort related to the treatment may slow them down for one or several days.

When you complete your therapy, we will continue to see you and follow your progress.

Intervals between visits will vary and may continue for many years.

You are the most important member of your treatment team.

Become involved. The more you know about your disease the more you can participate in your care.

Open communication is helpful to everyone but especially so for you, the patient.

Don't hesitate to ask questions of your doctors and nurses – that is why we are here.

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