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RCC News

  • Music Therapy Class Added

    Come and experience what Music Therapy is all about! Join Danielle on Monday, August 17th from 10 to 11:30am as she gives a demonstration of three different forms of this very beneficial expressive form of art.

    Posted 07.20.15

  • 7 Benefits of Music Therapy

    Music Therapy, a research based field that uses the properties of music can stir a person at the core, bringing out and honoring the real person behind the cancer diagnosis and allowing for more freedom of self-expression.

    Posted 07.17.15

  • Eating on Chemo: Tips to Overcome Taste and Weight Challenges

    When you’re being treated for cancer, food can lose all its appeal. But maintaining good nutrition is more important than ever as you move toward recovery.

    Posted 07.16.15

  • Do Researchers Know What Causes Bladder Cancer?

    Researchers have found some risk factors and are starting to understand how they cause cells in the bladder to become cancerous.

    Posted 07.09.15

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