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  • 03.15.17  |  

    Men's Support Group
    RCC Support Group

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    Sound Healing for the Soul
    Wellness for Life

RCC News

  • FREE Local YMCA Classes

    Thank you Glenwood YMCA for providing free classes to our patients and caregivers through our Wellness for Life Program

    Posted 02.14.17

  • Quitting for Good: The Great American Smokeout

    The long-term effects of smoking can cause much more damage to multiple organs and bodily functions, in addition to lung cancer, which is often associated with this dangerous habit.

    Posted 10.26.16

  • The Link Between Stress, Inflammation, & Cancer

    A diagnosis of a life-threatening illness such as cancer is almost universally experienced as stressful. The negative effects of stress on psychological and health outcomes have received much attention.

    Posted 10.26.16

  • Painting October Pink: Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Philip H. Symes, M.D., Medical Oncologist, Hematologist and Clinical Director at the Regional Cancer Center, describes this type of cancer in a little more depth and explains how it came to be one of the most targeted supported health campaigns.

    Posted 09.30.16

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